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Before you know, it will be time for those warm furry accessories to help you welcome the fall and winter seasons. And what better way to do that than with Herde de Ferme’s unique custom-designed fur handbags.
We’re taking pre-orders now for late August delivery because we’ve produced an exclusive, limited number of these fanciful and useful handbags.
Designed in New York, our lush alpaca products have an incredible hand-feel and are both softer and more durable than cashmere. And as true animal lovers, we are careful to use only the fur pelts gathered from alpacas that have passed from natural causes; an eco-friendly process that doesn’t harm our furry friends.
Buy now –  for exceptional accessories that can’t be found elsewhere.
Not only are these products friendly fur they’re friendly priced as an introductory offer!
Keep watch for our complete line of fur products, which includes scarves, hats, earmuffs and beautiful home accessories.