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About us

Herde de Ferme is a collection of modern, luxury accessories and home décor utilizing alpaca fleece. This incredibly versatile, organic and sustainable natural fiber, handcrafted in the mountains of Peru, is known for its fashionable style paired with unparalleled function.

Herde de Ferme (meaning farm herd since alpaca are herd animals) is a designed-in-New York and made-in-Peru collection of beautiful accessories for you and your home. Its inspiration comes from the founders who maintain a local alpaca farm in New York state.

Why Alpaca?

Because it’s as soft as cashmere, with an integrity that is warmer and stronger than wool; its fiber is hypoallergenic and maintains a luster like silk; and it creates a lower carbon footprint than any other luxury material. 

Dating back to ancient Incan civilizations alpaca living on the plateaus and mountains of Peru, provided a luxuriously soft fleece reserved for royalty only. Because of its versatility and uniqueness alpaca items can be worn 12 months a year. The extremely fashionable fiber can produce a tissue-weight shawl for breezy, warm summer nights or be spun into a chunky knit hat to ward off a chilly winter day.

Sustainably Sourced

Herde de Herme founders, who rescue both four-legged and feathered friends on their farm, do not condone the methods used to supply the fur industry. However, since the alpaca’s natural habitat is the Andes Mountains, a fraction of them do not survive the harsh winters. There is no inhumane treatment of the alpaca; they perish from natural causes. Because of the incredibly luxurious alpaca fiber, Herde de Ferme created a separate line of unique fur accessories, which can be enjoyed for their beauty and warmth and with the knowledge that no alpaca was purposely sacrificed to produce them.

Our Process

We go to great lengths to ensure that our quality and workmanship meet the highest standards deserving of the precious alpaca fiber. Handmade, handcrafted or utilizing the latest design technology, Herde de Ferme knits are hand loomed or hand knitted.

Our Partnership

A portion of Herde de Ferme sales goes to benefit Green Chimneys Farm and Wildlife Center, a worldwide leader in animal-assisted therapy and educational activities for children with special needs. Located in Brewster, New York, Green Chimneys has students ranging in age from 5 to 17 facing issues such as depression, trauma and autism-spectrum disorders. The animals play a supportive role in the form of educational and animal-assisted therapy allowing students to thrive while discovering their strengths, developing confidence and coping skills, as they care for the animals. For more information, visit